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White Toy Poodle: Everything You Need To Know (With Pictures)

White Toy Poodle: Everything You Need To Know (With Pictures)


Toy Poodles are one of the most adorable dogs that become the best family pets. They have charismatic personalities and love to be the center of attention. This is one of the types of Poodles depending upon the size and color. Usually, there are four subtypes of Poodles: miniature, toy, standard, and teacup.

Among all these types, Toy Poodle is the smallest dog and is the best option for a family living in a small space. There are different colors but the White Toy Poodle is the most adorable one and therefore everyone is interested in them.

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White Toy Poodle Breed History:

This breed originated in Germany and the main reason why they were bred was to hunt waterfowl. In the beginning, there was only Standard Poodle breed but later on, smaller Poodle types were developed by different breeders. The smaller Poodles became more popular because they were purebred as they developed from two Poodles. These dogs became first popular in Paris and the Toy Poodles were a popular choice of the elite class. For this reason, the Toy Poodle dog breed also became the national dog of France. Toy Poodles were also found in circuses very commonly because of their high intelligence. It was very easy to teach them new tricks and the public also praised them a lot. The first Toy Poodle was registered by the American Kennel Club in the year 1886. Often the White Toy Poodles are mixed with Albino Poodles because they look similar. However, they are not similar and you can distinguish them by their eye colors.

White Toy Poodles become the best family companions. Their height is a maximum of 10 inches and their coat is either harsh, curly, or dense.


It is often believed that Poodles are associated with France because they were very popular there. However, some say that this breed first originated in Germany and then found its way to France where it became a very popular choice as a family companion. Several theories are used to explain the origin of Poodles. One of these theories explains that the ancestors of these dogs were Barbet from North Africa while the other says that they were from Asia and were used for herding. There is no proof as to which of these theories is the most accurate therefore the ancestry of these dogs is still unclear. What is clear about the Poodle breed is that it’s an old dog breed and goes back to the Ancient Egyptian civilization as many artifacts and paintings confirm this. As mentioned before, Toy Poodles were developed late after the Standard Poodles. The Toy Poodles and Miniature Poodles had the traits of Standard Poodles but were small in size. Each of these Poodles had different roles, as the Standard Poodles were used to hunt while the Miniatures were used to sniff. The Toy Poodles were adorable so they were the best for a family pet.

How this breed made its way to the United States is still unknown but all of these three versions were registered together by AKC in 1886. The dogs gained popularity in the United States soon after World War II.

What are the distinguishing qualities associated with white toy poodles?

The white toy poodle’s intelligence is sometimes underrated. It is a friend that can be pretty sharp despite his little size. Why shouldn’t they? However, he is capable of much more. And in terms of his performance, he easily outperforms a significant number of other individuals who are members of his species. Even throughout the Middle Ages, some in the circus community were aware of his exceptional brilliance. The white toy Poodle dwarf, which is the smallest and healthiest form of the Poodle breed, is an excellent pick for a companion animal for the home. In addition to that, he is an excellent choice for a companion for unattached people of any age. He possesses an above-average learning capacity as well as a high level of social competency at the same time.

The toy poodle is lively and eager for an intellectual challenge; all it needs is a wise spouse. Despite this, it has a high degree of adaptability, along with being user-friendly, and is an excellent fit for virtually any way of life.

Is there a Difference Between White Toy Poodles and Other Poodles?

The only noticeable difference between White Toy Poodles and other Poodles is their white color. Otherwise, they have the same temperament, intelligence, and coat type as the other Poodles. The only thing that differentiates them is their color and size. They are adorable because of their white color, otherwise, they have the same characteristics and behavior as all other Poodles.

Things you need to know About White Toy Poodles:

There are some fascinating things you need to know about White Toy Poodles. Knowing these factors will make you fall in love with this amazing dog breed. Let’s have a look at this one by one.

1. White Toy Poodles are smarter than they look:

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about White Toy Poodles is that they are only beautiful but not intelligent. However, this is wrong because Poodles are among the most intelligent dog breeds all over the world. Due to their intelligence, these dogs are a popular choice for people who are first-time dog owners. This is because they can easily adjust to families and they are easy to train as well.

2. Toy Poodles can read the mood of their Owners:

One of the most interesting things about this breed is that they can read the mood of their owners. These dogs are sensitive and they can easily detect any change in your mood or emotions. Due to this characteristic, these dogs are considered the best family pets because they can feel you. When you are happy, they will love to play with you, but when you are sad, they try to make you feel better; they cuddle and snuggle up. Also, there is one thing you need to understand. Any anger or harsh treatment from you will affect these dogs as they are more sensitive than any other dog breed. Therefore, you must be careful in your behavior and the way you are interacting with these dogs.

3. They don’t have a Fur:

This factor may surprise some of you because they have a very fluffy look. But the hairs on their body resemble much the human hairs. It simply grows like human hair. It’s good news for people with allergies because these dogs don’t shed. Also, you will not find dog fur on your couches and sofas. But you have to brush their hair more frequently and trim them when required.

4. They need as much exercise as a bigger Poodle:

Due to the small size of these dogs, it is often considered that they do not need much exercise as a bigger Poodle does. However, the reality is the opposite. Toy Poodles need exercise as much as a bigger Poodle needs, otherwise, the dogs may show antsy behaviors just like the bigger breeds. Moreover, this kind of behavior can lead a Poodle to destructive acts.

5. Their hairstyle was a Stylish trend:

Back in the past, the trademark haircut of the White Toy Poodle was considered very classy but some people considered it silly too. Some naysayers said that with this hairstyle, the dogs looked less like competent pets and more like show dogs.

However, the purpose of the haircut was not just fashion or modeling. The dogs had different roles to play. Their hairstyle helped them cross the water bodies and protect them from the chills of streams and rivers.

White Toy Poodles: Appearance & Gene

1. Color Genetics: There are different color options that you will find in Toy poodles, but this color often changes with time as the dog grows older. Among all the colors, white is the most common color in Toy Poodles. However, the hair type is classified as black because these dogs have dark eyes and black noses. This feature makes them different from Albino Poodles. At present, the White color in Poodle is still a mystery because no gene is directly responsible for this color. The sad thing about Poodles is that they are prone to deafness because this problem is often associated with dog breeds of white color. Also, it doesn’t always affect all the dogs but smaller dogs like Toy Poodles are most prone to it.

2. General Appearance:

The only thing that makes these Poodles different from others is their white color. Otherwise, they are similar in looks to Brown Toy Poodle and Black Toy Poodle. They have a fanciful style, moreover, their coat is usually dense but sometimes it can become harsh because the hairs grow into curls. Due to their coat, and small size, these Poodles often give a cute teddy bear look.

3. Average Size of White Toy Poodles:

According to the breed standards, a Poodle is considered Toy if its maximum height is 10 inches or less than 10 inches. But a Poodle taller than that will be considered a Miniature Poodle.

Moreover, the average weight of White Toy Poodles ranges between 6 to 9 pounds and not more than that.

Intelligence, Behavior, and Traits of White Toy Poodles:

The white color has nothing to do with the personality traits of this breed, so you can expect all Toy Poodles to behave in the same way. However, some factors play a major role such as the training and environment they are living in. It is the responsibility of Toy Poodle’s owners to train their dogs so they are well mannered. These dogs are excellent family companions and they do very well with other pets at home. Moreover, they don’t give a tough time to their owners during training.

As a pet owner, you have to be responsible and take care of a lot of factors of their good emotional and mental state.

White Toy Poodle: Health Conditions and Lifespan

White Toy Poodles are considered healthy dogs as they have a life expectancy of about 12 to 15 years. They are the healthiest dogs and they would rarely fall into some illness. Make sure you are getting your dog from a trustful dog breeder who can provide you with all the information. This is because the health depends upon its parents and the breeding conditions. However, there are some diseases peculiar to this breed. Not all the members fall victim to these health problems but still, you should be aware of these if you are looking for a White Toy Poodle.

1. Deafness

Deafness is one of the most common health problems in dog breeds with white coloration. It can be a struggle for these dogs but they can still live normal lives and adapt to the conditions.


It is a condition where the thyroid hormone is deficient in the dog’s body. The symptoms of hypothyroidism include the unexpected gain in weight and baldness also.

3. Cushing’s syndrome and Addison Disease

Addison’s disease and Cushing’s syndrome are both parallel lines. Addison’s disease is caused due to an overload of cortisol while Cushing’s Syndrome is caused by a deficiency.

4. Epilepsy:

This is one of the most serious health conditions compared to all others and it is characterized by seizures. It can either be inherited or can be the result of some other illness. There is no cure for epilepsy however the seizures can be managed.

5. Eye Disease:

Eyes disease is another common health problem that Poodles are susceptible to. The most common of all these is Progressive Retinal Atrophy along with cataracts and glaucoma.

White Toy Poodle Cost:

Due to the high demand for White Toy Poodle, these dogs are a bit expensive so be prepared to make a huge expense.

You need to be sure that you are ready for the initial cost. The average price for a White Toy Poodle puppy range from $1200 to $4000. However, you can also adopt these dogs as it is a valid and cheaper option. It usually costs $300.

Where can you buy a White Toy poodle?

If you are willing to buy a White toy poodle pup, you should complete your research on-site at a breeder who is a member of one of the poodle breeding clubs and trains his dogs to meet the requirements outlined above prior to breeding them. Serious breeders will have no problem providing you with extensive information and will eagerly demonstrate the offspring, the parents, and anything else that is significant in a manner that is easy to understand. You might also try searching for a white toy poodle or a combination of the two at the local animal shelter. Here are some links where you can learn more and purchase a white Toy Poodle:

1. Homestead Poodles

2. Gumtree
3. Carolina Mountain Toy Poodles
4. Teacup Puppies & Boutique

In what ways is having a White Toy Poodle beneficial to its owner?

The temperament of a dwarf poodle is best described as incredibly calm and low-key. The deep connection with his owners and the meticulous grooming of his fur is essential to him. Dog owners are familiar with the annoyance that may result from having to get dog hair out of upholstered furniture, the automobile, or a garment that has just been put on. Luckily, the toy poodle is not the source of this problem. Aside from that, it does not provide any difficulties in the maintenance of the house. It is equally at home in the flat of a major metropolitan area or in the villa of a country estate with a vast garden. It is essential that you treat the white toy poodle seriously as a partner in whatever activity you engage in.

It is irrelevant both where you are and what you are doing when you have it with you; whether you are in a luxurious hotel or restaurant or in the heart of a busy town, it will be a friend that is both highly enjoyable and very useful.

Is a White Toy Poodle Right for You?

Now that you have read all the important details about this breed, you must be wondering if the White Toy Poodle is the right choice for you. These are fluffy and adorable dogs but you should be sure if they can fit your expectations and lifestyle. If the dogs are not compatible with your lifestyle, you may have a hard time with them. However, White Toy Poodles can be handled by pet parents who don’t have any expertise. The dogs love making their owners happy and don’t act like stubborn dog. With that being said, you need to be committed and firm in training them otherwise they won’t be on the right path. These dogs want to care and attention, so if you have a very busy schedule, these dogs may not be the best fit for you. However, if you are retired or work from home, these can be the best choice because they can cure your loneliness. No matter if you have a large space or you live in an apartment, these dogs are suitable for both environments. But you need to give them a lot of exercise so they don’t get restless or bored.

Grooming these dogs is not very hard but the only thing you need is the right tools and commitment.

FAQ’S For White Toy Poodle:

White Toy Poodles are very loving, affectionate, and always ready to cuddle and snuggle with their owner. They are sensitive and can detect your mood and act accordingly. Toy Poodles love being around people and want to be the center of attention. This is the reason they should not leave these dogs alone otherwise they can suffer from separation anxiety. These dogs are known for their good sense of humor and will keep you entertained all the time due to their clownish attitude. They are playful and love taking part in different activities. If you have children at home, you need to be careful because the children often play rough with dogs and may injure a small-sized dog like White Toy Poodle.

Are White Toy Poodles Good with Pets and Other dogs?

White Toy Poodles are peaceful and live in peace with other canines. They do not have issues with other dogs and pets, and they enjoy being surrounded. However, these dogs prefer human company more than a pet company therefore you should not neglect a Toy Poodle even if you have some other pet around it.

Can you Train White Toy Poodles Easily?

As mentioned above, this dog breed is very easy to train because of its love for humans and its intelligence. This feature makes these pets a perfect companion for first-time owners and even they can train them and teach them better behaviors and good manners. Moreover, these dogs are cooperative and love to please their owners. But don’t neglect their training because without training these dogs can become unbearable and may act as the boss of the house. Train your dogs with firm behavior but don’t be too harsh while training them. Make sure you focus on obedience training, socialization, and crate training. Another important thing while training White Toy Poodles is motivating them and positive reinforcement as it will keep your pet interested in training. Be sure you don’t give them too many treats.

Do White Toy Poodle change their color?

Some Toy Poodles are born with a particular color and it stays the same even in old age. However, some Poodles are born with a darker color and it becomes light as age. For instance, a dark brown Toy Poodle may have a lighter shade at an older age. However, this is not the case with White Toy Poodles and their color remains the same.

Are these dogs rare?

These dogs are not rare and have been very popular. In the US they are still on the list of top 10 popular dogs. Among the Toy Poodles, the White Toy Poodles is the most common and popular choice for dog lovers.

Which is the rarest Toy Poodle Color?

The rarest color to find in a Toy Poodle is the apricot Poodle because this color is usually due to a recessive gene. The Apricot color in Toy poodle is a lighter shade of red and it almost looks creamy.

What is the most effective method for taking care of a mini poodle?

The care required for a miniature poodle is relatively little. On the other hand, it must be brushed carefully several times each week. Every six to eight weeks, he has to get his hair shorn. It is possible to structure the dog’s routine brushing in such a manner that It deepens the bond that already exists between the dog and its owner.

What type of food is ideal for a White Toy poodle to eat?

The White Toy poodle does not have any particular dietary requirements that it must meet. Even he enjoys having fresh meat, and the occasional bone served to him in the manner of a true dog’s diet.

How much is physical activity required for a White Toy poodle?

The miniature poodle is one of the rare breeds of dogs that can participate very well in dog sports and a wide variety of other activities.

Despite the fact that it does not require these kinds of activities and does not necessarily require them in order to feel comfortable and live happily.

Conclusion for White Toy Poodle:

The White Toy Poodles are very popular, loved, and adored by many dog lovers because of their interesting features and looks. They have the same temperament as other Toy Poodles. These are the best choice for first-time owners as they are obedient and easy to train. However, you need to be firm in your behavior otherwise it can be a problem.

If you want a White Toy Poodle, make sure that you have read all the facts and important details about this breed. And be sure if it suits best to your lifestyle.

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