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Moyen Poodle: Facts, Puppy Price & Guide

Moyen Poodle: Facts, Puppy Price & Guide


Poodles are one of the most popular dog breeds due to the variety of their crazy haircuts. Not only that but these dogs also become the best family pets due to their calm and loving nature. There are a lot of dog breeds in the world and each one of these has its unique behavioral characteristics and physical features. But finding a more beloved breed than Poodles may be difficult for you.

Poodles are popular, but one of its types is very less known and that is Moyen Poodles. You can recognize this type from its size as they are smaller than Standard Poodles and larger than Miniature Poodles.

The reason why people love them is because of their perfect size, playful temperaments, and also because they are highly intelligent. However, these Poodle types are not recognized by the American Kennel Club.

So today, we are going to discuss this particular type of Poodles in detail. Reading all the amazing characteristics of Moyen Poodles, you are going to fall in love with Moyen Poodles.

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Moyen Poodles are simply Poodles that fall into the medium-size category. The name Moyen comes from the French word meaning “fourth size” or “medium size Despite being smaller than Standard Poodles, Moyen Poodles are bigger than Miniature Poodles. However, they are sometimes called Mini Poodles as well.

Poodles are a versatile breed of dog that can be found all over the world. Though they originally came from Germany, and their name comes from the German word pfudel, which means “to splash. The smaller size of the poodle is believed to have originated in France. These dogs were often used as water retrievers.

It is simply another name for a Moyen Poodle. In Europe, these are the names given to medium Poodles. This particular Poodle has quite a few other names as well, so you may have heard it called one of these names:

1. French Poodle

2. Caniche 3. Chien Canne 4. Kleinpudels 5. Barbone 6. Pudelhund

The Poodle has a lot of different names depending on what part of Europe you are in. In Germany, they call it the “Pudelhund.” France knows it as the “Caniche,” and Spain refers to the breed as the “Perro de Agua.” No matter what name you use for this breed of dog, all of these names are used for the Poodle.


The name Moyen is unique when you hear it, and it’s not a dog like a Labrador or Golden Retriever. Unlike other popular dog breeds, Moyen Poodle has an origin other than the United States. Also, the name has its meaning. The word Moyen comes from the French language which means medium, which refers to the size of the dog. Whereas, Poodle comes from the German word “puddle” meaning splash. Back in time, these dogs were used by German hunters as water dogs. The dogs would jump into lakes and ponds to scare out the birds and this is where they got their name meaning “to splash”. As time passed, these dogs became more and more popular because people loved the companionship of these dogs, their friendly nature, and also their intelligence. For this reason, they were bred for more than just water dogs. Poodles became so popular that the Miniature Poodles were declared the national dog of France. They were loved by the nobility and were also used to performing in the circus because they easily learn new tricks.

Generally, Moyen Poodles are bred by either mating a Standard Poodle with Miniature Poodle or by mating two Moyen Poodles.

Characteristics of Moyen Poodles:

Among the different types of Poodles, the largest one has an average height of about 28 inches and weighs around 70 pounds. Whereas the smallest Poodles are maximum10 inches in height and 5 pounds in weight. Moyen Poodles are in between these two on the spectrum. When it comes to their shoulder height; Moyen poodles are about 15 – 20 inches at the shoulder and usually weigh between 15 and 35 lbs. These dogs were bred to this size because people considered it a perfect size for a dog. They were not either too big and do not require too much food and space, and we were not too small so they would suffer from fragility problems.

Due to their ideal size, they can easily be carried, you can play with them easily and they are excellent family companions. Moreover, you can easily fit them in your car so they are easy to travel with.

The lifespan of Moyen Poodles:

As compared to other Poodle types, Moyen Poodles have a longer lifespan. On average they have a lifespan of about 15 to 20 years whereas the Toy Poodles can only live for about 12 years.

Moyen Poodle Coat Colors:

Moyen Poodles come in a variety of colors, just like other Poodles. These pooches can have either a solid-colored coat or a multi-colored coat. usually, the coat colors you will find in Moyen Poodles include: 1. Cream 2. Silver 3. Café Au Lait 4. Red 5. Grey 6. White 7. Black 8. Brown 9. Silver Beige

10. Apricot

Their Coats are Hypoallergenic:

For people suffering from allergies, Moyen Poodles are a great option due to their hypoallergenic coats. They have curly coats and may trap any hair that otherwise would fall to the ground.

Due to this reason, their coat sometimes can have thick matting of hair and you have to brush it regularly. Also, their coats are less shedding so they are a great option for people with allergies.


Having a Moyen Poodle as your family pet, you get a lot of advantages. Not only their size is perfect and their coats are hypoallergenic, but they are also considered one of the most intelligent dog breeds in the world.

Due to their intelligence, these dogs are very easy to train because they learn new things quickly. In the list of smartest dogs on earth, Moyen Poodles have the 2nd number just behind the Border Collie dog breed.


Like other Poodles, Moyen Poodles also have a great temperament and you can easily socialize them with other pets. Also, the dogs are very energetic which makes them capable to compete in all dog shows and dog sports. They can take part in any activity from agility courses to tracking sports even. Moreover, Poodles have been waterdogs therefore, they can also take part in watersports such as dog surfing. They just need to be accustomed to swimming.

These dogs have loving and friendly natures therefore you can use them both as emotional support dogs and therapy dogs as well. They rank in the list of most popular dogs along with Labradors and golden retrievers.

Moyen Poodles Breeding:

Because of their ideal size and other characteristics, these dogs are high in demand. They are valuable dogs to breed but there can be different problems in breeding the Moyen Poodles. To produce the Moyen Poodles of the right size, people often breed a miniature Poodle and a Standard Poodle which is not reliable. First, the puppies can either take the characteristics of one parent or the other which means that the size will be either too small or too large. Moreover, if a Standard Poodle has been mated with the Miniature Poodle female, the delivery can be too risky because the puppy may be too large which would require a Caesarian section. Not only that but the litter produced may have fragile bones, structural problems, or uneven proportions. Therefore, to avoid these problems, the only best way to breed Moyen Poodle is with other Moyen Poodle. According to some people, Moyen Poodles are imported from Europe because they have relatively the medium size generations. Also, the breeders there are producing the most stable lines of Moyen poodles. They have been bred for temperament, disease resistance, intelligence, and several other factors.

If you are also looking for a Moyen Poodle, make sure you get it from a reliable and reputable breeder. Also try to find the breeding process and details so that you get a healthy and happy Moyen Poodle, a perfect match for your family.

Where to Buy a Moyen Poodle?

How Big Do Moyen Poodles Get?

Moyen poodles fall somewhere in the middle of Standard and Miniature poodles in terms of size, which is why many people consider them to be true mini poodles. Despite the fact that Miniature Poodles are often confused with Toy Poodles, these two sizes are actually different. Moyens are on the smaller side, averaging between 14 and 18 inches tall in height. They also don’t tend to weigh more than 30 pounds. The size of a Moyen Poodle highly depends on the parent breed used for breeding. This can be tricky to figure out, as Moyens are usually the result of breeding a Standard and Toy Poodle.

Doodles come in a variety of sizes, which can sometimes make it hard to predict how big your puppy will be when fully grown. This is especially true when you have two parents of different sizes. The best way to get an idea of how big your Doodle will be is to look at the size of their offspring.

Average Price of a Moyen Poodle:

These dogs are highly valued by both the owners and the breeders because of their unique traits and personality. Breeding a Moyen poodle of the right size requires a lot of effort therefore it can be a little on the pricey side. On average, a Moyen Poodle puppy cost around $2000 if you purchase it from a reputable and established breeder. There are different factors that a breeder will consider while pricing its Moyen Poodle puppies such as the pedigree, color, and genetics.

Moreover, there are some other expenses for a Moyen Poodle such as its food, grooming, training, and regular visits to the vet.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Moyen Poodles:

Several factors can influence the price of a Moyen Poodle. On top of these factors is the coat color of these dogs as some colors are more desirable to people as compared to other colors. For instance, Red Poodles are more costly than white or grey dogs. Moreover, pure black poodles are very valuable and much more desirable that add to their coat. Another interesting coloration that can be seen in black poodles is what we call “A tuxedo coat”. It seems the dog has a black blanket over the black and white undercoat as if the poodle is wearing tuxedos. So for colors like these, the price of the dog gets increased. One other factor that can influence the price is Moyen Poodle’s temperament. These puppies are very well-behaved and friendly so their worth increases for the breeder. They are desirable to owners also because they can take care of them easily. The Moyen Poodle puppies have been tested for different diseases and genetic defects and due to the cost of testing, the breeder will increase the price. If you are looking for a Moyen poodle puppy, you need to keep in mind that it’s not an easy task to find the perfect puppy. Also, there are long waiting lists for Moyen poodles if you are looking for a reputable breeder.

Most of the puppies purchased are spayed or neutered and you have to sign a contract that prevents you from breeding the dogs from the puppy you just purchased.

Moyen Poodle Training:

As mentioned before, these are highly intelligent dogs and they learn things very quickly. For this reason, you can easily train these dogs. Their training process is much shorter than other dog breeders and you can accomplish different things in a short time. If you want to measure the intelligence of your dog, you can simply note the number of times you have to repeat an action so your dog learns it. According to the book The Intelligence of Dogs, Poodles take 5 repetitions to learn a new task. Not only these dogs are eager to learn but have also been found very obedient dogs as compared to other dog breeds. However, there are some issues that you may have to face while training them. First, Moyen poodles often lose their focus and get distracted by the things around them while you are training them. Therefore, while training, make sure to minimize the distractions so the poodle learns quickly. If there are no distractions, the poodles will pay more attention and will learn things quickly. To get the best results, start training Moyen Poodle when they are 2 to 3 months old. You can start with the basic housetraining such as teaching them their name, how to stay and sit. Also when the puppy is young, make sure to introduce it to as many people as possible otherwise it would become antisocial. This is not a good thing in dog training because it can further lead to discipline issues. Moreover, you can introduce your puppy to different areas around your neighborhood such as a pet store, campground, or a local part. Being provided with more diverse environments, the dog would feel very comfortable in social situations.

Several online courses are also available that can assist and teach you to train your Moyen poodle perfectly. Or you can also contact some dog training association to get a certified trainer if you don’t want to train it yourself.

Moyen Poodle Grooming:

Grooming is important for Moyen Poodles to keep them in the best condition. Ideally, you need to brush their coat at least two to three times a week to remove tangles or loose hairs. It is also important to distribute natural oils and stimulate the skin. While brushing, you can also check their body for signs of infections, pests, or injury. Mats are never an issue if you brush them regularly. You need a sturdy slicker brush that has rounded tips for this purpose or you can also use an auto-cleaning brush that can reach down perfectly and is also gentle for daily use. Also, their coat needs to be trimmed regularly, which otherwise would grow quite long and will form clumps of matter fur. These are similar to dreadlocks. Moyen Poodles need professional trimming every four to six weeks. Some owners prefer to do it themselves but you need some tools for this first. Make sure you start this routine when the puppy is 3 to 4 months old so it can adapt quickly.

Other things involved in grooming your puppy include cleaning the ears, clipping the nails, and removing the inner ear hair. Brush their teeth at least three times a week using dog-safe toothpaste.

The Best Breed for You:

Moyen Poodles might be the best dog breed for you among all the popular dog breeds in the world. These dogs have all the traits that one desires in a dog; they are intelligent, obedient, and friendly. They have a perfect size, their life expectancy is long, and due to the perfect size, they are resistant to injury or disease. Their coat comes in all colors and they don’t shed hair which makes them a perfect choice for people with allergies. These dogs can serve both as working dogs and family pets. They are competitive and can take part in most dog sports. Some people think that Moyen poodles are pampered or timid, but they love to swim, run and do anything that another dog can do.

So all these reasons make it an ideal dog breed that will be a great addition to your family in the years to come.

Conclusion for Moyen Poodle:

Moyen Poodles are very popular, loved, and adored by many dog lovers because of their perfect size, temperament, and warm and loving nature. They are very intelligent so learn new things quickly.

These are the best choice for first-time owners as they are obedient and easy to train. You can either get the help of a certified trainer if you don’t want to do it. If you want a Moyen Poodle, make sure that you have read all the facts and important details about this breed. And be sure if it suits best to your lifestyle. Also, get it from a trusted and reputable Poodle breeder.

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