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Cavapoo Puppies in Ohio – Top 5 Breeders

Cavapoo Puppies in Ohio – Top 5 Breeders

Cavapoo is a designer dog breed, whose popularity is increasing day by day, This canines are often petite, hypoallergenic, and like playing outside. Families who are looking for a dog who is low shedding and small in size and well with kids then Cavapoo puppies in Ohio is the right dog breed for you. However, because there are so many puppy mills and backyard breeders work in Ohio, it might be a challenging task to find genuine Cavapoo breeders in Ohio.

We did everything we could to cut out potential puppy mills and keep them off our list. However, you don’t have to trust any breeder who claims that they are a reputable Cavapoo breeder, you have to do your own research first. Whenever you buy a Cavapoo puppy from a reputable breeder will most likely be very healthy and live a long natural life of 12 years or more.

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How to Find Cavapoo Puppies in Ohio:

If you live in Ohio, and looking for the best Cavapoo puppies in Ohio, so stay tuned with this post. We have created a list of the Best Cavapoo Breeders in Ohio to help you to find a healthy puppy. After a lot of research and hard work, I found that there are only few reputable Cavapoo breeders available in Ohio or places to buy Cavapoo puppies in Ohio.

We’ve done our own independent research as well as contact different Cavapoos owners to update our list. You can ensure that our list will not include any backyard breeders or puppy mills. so without further ado Lets Jump to the List:

1. Our Family Cavaliers Ohio

Our Family Cavaliers is a small family >Cavapoo breeder in Ohio located in the beautiful hills of the central region. In addition to Cavapoo,They breed cavaliers also. This Cavapoo breeder produces beautiful, friendly, well-behaved, and well-tempered Cavapoo puppies in Ohio who would make an excellent addition to any family. You can also see on their website, they offer a beautiful gallery with information and photographs of Cavapoo puppies for sale in Ohio, as well as some extremely wonderful feedback from their previous customers and a lot of images of the new owners with their Cavapoo If you want to see their place, they welcome you. The breeder says that They don’t want to hide anything from their customers and keep everything transparent in front of them. which is a great sign of trust, and clearly shows that they are not working anything wrong.

Cavapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Central, OH Email: [email protected] Phone: 740-502-6653

Website: Our Family Cavaliers Ohio

2. Maple Hill Doodles OH

Maple Hill Doodles is the oldest Cavapoo breeder, who have 21 years of vast experience in breeding poodle mixes.They start in 2001 with the poodle breed and now they are the big brand name in breeding designer dog breed. Now they work on a variety of doodles such as Cavapoos, Goldendoodles, and Labradoodles. Maple Hill Doodles started his career as a modest hobby breeder, producing just one or two litters a year. In the beginning, they only wanted to have as many dogs as he could take good care of. During these twenty years, they have learned a lot of things regarding dogs’ health, feed, and training. They know very well to raise a healthy a dog and how to look after it. If you want to get Cavapoo puppies in Ohio from this breeder it will cost you anywhere from $2000 – $2100. They also ask for a $300 deposit, which will be applied to the overall purchase of a Cavapoo but is non-refundable. There’s a ton of helpful guide on their website regarding Upcoming Puppies, Puppy Pricing, Puppy Availability, About our Breeds, the Adoption Process, and much more. Check out their FAQ page for answers to the most frequent questions. If you still have any questions, we have provided information on this Cavapoo breeder below. You can go there and contact him and ask your questions. they’ll be very happy to respond to you.

Cavapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Burton, Ohio

Website: Maple Hill Doodles OH

Instagram: Maple Hill Doodles Instagram

3. Foxglove Farms Ohio

Foxglove Farms is a well-known Cavapoo breeder in Ohio, that is run by Terry Cross, who has been breeding dogs for over 30 years. The owner is completely committed to the care and maintenance of her pups and adults. Foxglove Farms, unlike some of the other breeders we’ve featured on our site, This breeder solely breeds Cavapoo pups and Cavachon pups. The owner prefers to focus on these two designer breeds in order to produce the healthiest and greatest puppies possible. Because Foxglove only breeds one type of dog, we believe they produce one of the best Cavapoo puppies in Ohio. The owner is not just only a breeder but also working as a vet technician, obedience trainer, and in other professions where handling dogs was the primary responsibility, so he understands what a good dog should be like. That’s why he focuses on developing Cavapoo personalities as much as he does on raising healthy, happy, and beautiful dogs.

Cavapoo Puppies Ohio Info:

Location: Lucas, OH Email: [email protected] Phone: 419-552-6670

Website: Foxglove Farms Ohio

4. Kate’s Puppies OH

Kate’s Cavapoos is a Cavapoo breeder located in Sugar Creek, Ohio. According to the website, the breeding operations are situated on a farm that spans acres. This allows the pups and adults to go around and play in the fresh air on a regular basis without being confined to a kennel. They also breed a variety of little breeds. They are categorically opposed to puppy mills and are dedicated to the health and safety of pups and adults via ethical breeding. Cavapoo Puppies in Ohio come with a health guarantee, which is clearly mentioned on their website. We do urge that you carefully read any warranties or contracts posted on a breeder’s website. This will give you an idea of who you are dealing with and whether you should deal with it or not. They understand that choosing a puppy for your family is a big deal and sometimes you just need to cuddle them in person, which is why they offer you to visit their farm and see their pups, But before you go to their place you have to book an appointment via calling

Cavapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Sugar Creek, OH Phone: 303-663-1848

Website: Kate’s Puppies OH

5. Cora’s Cavapoo puppies Ohio

Cora’s Cavapoo puppies is an exclusive Cavapoo breeder located in Toledo, OH. The main goal of this breeder is to raise healthy, well-socialized puppies and be as transparent with their customers as possible. They are a small family breeder who raises puppies full of love and affection.

All their Cavapoo puppies are socialized from an early age. This breeder owns the parent dogs, They use very good dogs for breeding which is why they always get good results. If you want to get a Cavapoo puppy from this breeder it will cost you from $2100 for males and $2300 for females. To reserve a puppy you need to submit a $300 Non-refundable deposit via Check or Paypal.

This breeder has only a Facebook page in which they post new pictures of their Cavapoo puppies in Ohio which will give you an idea of what their dogs look like. If you still have any questions you can ask them via mail or Facebook. Below is the Contact detail of the Breeder

Cavapoo Breeder Info:

Location: Toledo, Ohio Email: [email protected]

Facebook : Cora’s Cavapoo puppies Ohio

What Questions You Should Ask a Breeder:

If you want to get a puppy from a first-time breeder and don’t know what questions you should ask the breeder, look no further! We’ve created a list of the questions that you should ask the breeder.

The following are 8 important questions that every potential new dog owner needs to ask before making the decision of adopting or purchasing their very own pup:

List of the Questions you should Ask the Breeder:

1. For how long have you been breeding this breed (the breed you are planning to get)? They should have a good experience of it. 2. Are you a member of any club? (If he says yes) Ask for proof. 3. Are you raising any other breeds besides this one? I know it’s a common question, but it’s good to ask 4. Are the Puppies healthy? If he says yes, you should ask for a vet’s medical certificate. 5. Ask to see the puppy’s parents? 6. Ask to show the puppy’s family history? Check their bloodline. 7. Do you require a breeder’s contract? If he says yes, please look it over carefully..

8. What are you feeding these puppies? Make sure they use good quality food without chemical ingredients. Good quality food without chemical ingredients is essential for the health of your pup.

Do You Recommend any Good Cavapoo Breeder in Ohio?

If you know any great Cavapoo breeder who lives in Ohio, please let us know in the comments below. So we can add it to our list. What is the Breeder Name? Where are they located in Ohio?

It really helps others who are looking for a Cavapoo Puppies in Ohio. if they can read honest reviews from buyers like yourself.

Conclusion for Cavapoo Puppies in Ohio:

Hope you Like this post, so these are the best Cavapoo breeders in Ohio that we have added to our list. And we believe there are many but we will thoroughly review and close check the breeder before adding it to our list. If your friend and relative looking for a Cavapoo Puppies in Ohio, you can share this post with them. If you are looking for the best Cavapoo Breeders in Ohio, you can consider one of these breeders

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