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Cavalier King Charles spaniel vs Cocker spaniel – Full Breed Comparison

Cavalier King Charles spaniel vs Cocker spaniel – Full Breed Comparison

Both breeds belonging to the spaniel group, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and the Cocker Spaniel are two unique dog breeds with significant distinctions. While they can both make terrific family pets, the methods which they differ from one another might imply that the person’s lifestyle is more matched to one of the dogs than the other. In this post we will go through the similarities and differences of both breeds, helping you make the right choice so you can choose the breed that works best for you. Let’s dive in The contemporary cocker spaniel is descended from the spaniel household, a large group that dates to antiquity. The word spaniel indicates Spanish canine and it’s usually thought that they undoubtedly came from Spain. By the 1800s the spaniels were divided into two different groups toys and large hunting dogs. The cocker spaniel was named so for his quality in the field hunting woodcock. The Cavalier King Charles spaniel is a new breed which is created in this era, his model is the toy spaniel that has existed for centuries as a buddy to royalty and nobility. Cavaliers come down from the same toy spaniels portrayed in lots of 16th, 17th, and 18th-century paintings by famous artists such as Van Dyck and Gainsborough.


The Cocker spaniel has a strong, compact body with a neat sculpted and improved head they are total balance and ideal in size. He is a canine capable of considerable speed, combined with terrific endurance. Above all, he is merry and free, sound, well-balanced throughout, and inaction reveal a keen inclination to work. The entire look of the cavalier king spaniel is modern and impressive, They charmingly adorable due to its small size. The size of the Cavalier spaniel is 12 to 13 inches tall at the shoulders, while the weight can up to 13 to 18 pounds. It is amongst the biggest toy types. The face of the cavalier is unique because of its sweet, gentle expression that is mostly due to its big, round, dark brown eyes. The skull is somewhat rounded, and the muzzle full, however mildly tapered. The long, feathered ears, set at the height and width of the crown, move slightly forward to frame the face when the dog is alert.

General Health:

Cockers are generally healthy, however like all types of dogs, they’re susceptible to certain health conditions and illness. Cavaliers are generally healthy, however like all breeds, they’re prone to particular health conditions. Not all cavaliers will get any or all of these diseases, however, it’s essential to be familiar with them if you’re considering this breed. Find a great breeder who will reveal health clearances for both your young puppy’s moms and dads if you’re purchasing a young puppy. Health clearances prove that a pet has been tested for and cleared of a specific condition.


Size is also is an important part to differentiate between these two breeds. Cocker spaniels are slightly larger than the Cavalier King Charles, They usually tall 14 to 15 1/2 inches tall at the shoulder while females do not exceed 14 inches. on the other hand, Cavalier King is 12 to 13 inches tall in height. and weighs up to 13 to 18 pounds.

Kid Friendly:

Among the factors that make the cocker spaniel so popular is that he makes a good family pet dog. He hits it off with children as long as he is raised with them and the kids are kind and respectful to animals. Because he is a sensitive pet, all interactions between the cocker and kids should be monitored by a responsible grown-up. Cavaliers can be fantastic buddies for kids who will take pleasure in throwing a ball for them, teaching them tricks, taking part in pet sports, or just having them on a lap while they watching television or playing video games. Because of their small size, however, they ought to be supervised when having fun with small children who may injure them inadvertently.

Are They Friendly With Other Pets?

The cocker spaniel also responds well with other family pets when given appropriate training including pets, cats, and small animals. Cavaliers get along well with other dogs and can learn to play well with cats and other animals if introduced to them at an early age. Since a cavalier delight in a great game of chase, it helps if the feline is willing to stand up for herself. They even enjoy it if the feline chases back. Some cavaliers live peaceably with family pet birds while others attempt to eat them. Constantly monitor your cavalier’s interactions with birds and other little animals; they can have a strong hunting impulse.

General Care:

The cocker spaniel is well matched to residing in an apartment or condo though naturally, he likes to share a home and lawn. Although he doesn’t require large space to stroll, he does require everyday activity. A day-to-day romp in the lawn in addition to a brisk 30-minute walk can keep him delighted and trim. Bring him inside with you, the cocker is not pleased to be left alone outdoors for the day, and he might respond by digging or barking to keep himself amused. He’s most content when he’s with his family, participating in the group’s activities. Their size and typically peaceful nature make cavalier king Charles spaniel great prospects for home or condo living. They are moderately active inside and a little yard is adequate for their workout needs. Strolls on a leash or a securely fenced yard are musts with this type. They are not street smarts and will run right in front of a car if they spot a bird or other interesting victim. Your cavalier will romp or take pleasure in a day-to-day walk in the yard and will customize his activity level to your own. Because he’s a rather short nose type, avoid strolling him throughout the heat of the day and never leave him out in a hot backyard without access to shade or cool fresh water.


Cocker spaniel training is highly enjoyable, as the breed is really going to learn and they react well to obedience training and positive support. They can be sensitive to loud noises and heavy handling however, good socialization from three months onwards will assist to ensure they are used to unanticipated events, such as busy environments and attention from kids. The cavalier king Charles spaniel is a mild, affectionate little dog who normally hits it off with everyone including kids and other dogs. These little buddy pet dogs are extremely trainable. Lots of cavalier king Charles spaniels delight in dealing with their owners as therapy dogs or for pet sports such as obedience or dexterity. The most reliable puppy training strategies are reward-based. You can select among a range of efficient reward-based strategies to train your cavalier king Charles spaniel pup.


Cocker spaniel will require a minimum of an hour of exercise every day. This should be spread out across the day and have a few walks in with great deals of opportunity to have a great sniff around. They’ll also require off-leash exercise in a safe area so they can run off their excess energy. While Cavalier king also needs 45 to 60 minutes of daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy. That should consist of a couple of walks each day in between 10 and 25 minutes. You could do canine activities, off-leash or any other thing that makes your pet spend his energy. The well-bred cocker spaniel has a sweet character. He is cuddly and caring and loves to participate in family activities. He is spirited, alert and active taking pleasure in any exercise from a vigorous walk to hunting in the field. The cocker is understood to be a sensitive dog mentally and physically. He has a soft personality and does not respond well to extreme treatment in some cases turning to snapping or growling when he’s in discomfort or scared.

Early socialization and training are necessary to teach the cocker proper manners. He needs to be handled thoroughly and kindly to bring out the very best in his character. The Cavalier is excited to meet everybody who loves them, and if that person sits down and offers a lap or a treat that’s even a lot the better. Like any pet, cavaliers come in a series of personalities, from sedate and peaceful to rowdy and jumpy. They might or might not bark when somebody comes to the door so, they’re a bad choice as a guard dog.

Conclusion for Cavalier King Charles spaniel vs cocker spaniel:

So which breed is right for you? The bottom line is it all comes down to your preferences. If you are searching for the more active breed that won’t mind spending a great deal of time outdoors with you, then go with the Cavalier, if not you are better off going with the Cocker spaniel.

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