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Best Labrador Retriever Rescues in UK!

Best Labrador Retriever Rescues in UK!

Labrador retrievers are the most popular breed in the U.K, but many are abandoned or euthanized due to a lack of resources and understanding of how to care for them properly. If you’re considering adopting a Labrador retriever, check out these 9 best Labrador Retriever Rescues in the UK that help find homes for Labradors in need!

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How to Find Reputable Labrador Retriever Rescues Centre in UK?

If you are looking for a dog or puppy to adopt, then it is important to find a reputable rescue center. There are more than a hundred animal rescue centers across the UK. It can often be hard to select the right one. To help you on your quest, we have compiled a list of Best Labrador Retriever Rescue Center in the UK that will help you to find your new furry friend.

1. Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England

Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England is a well-known registered charity in the UK. They rehome purebred and Labrador Retriever crosses. And also they are not associated with any Labrador rescue institution, but they are always ready to help them who reach them out. It is a small but fully independent breed rescue that volunteers run. As they do not have a good staff of vets, trainers, behaviorists but when they need help, they do not hesitate to call them. They are self-funded and also have a wonderful team of fosterers, who help us by letting the dogs stay at their homes and takes care of them, cater them and often works with us for trainings and solving the behavioral issues, in short, they keep them as long as they are adopted. And for your information, they have rehomed more than 450 dogs in this last year only. If you are also interested in adopting a Labrador Retriever, don’t hesitate to contact them

Labrador Rescue Info:

Location:Southern England Email: [email protected], [email protected] Phone: 0208 408 1214 Registered Charity Number: 1105955

Website: Labrador Retriever Rescue Southern England

2. Labrador Rescue (North West Area)

Labrador Rescue was formed in June 1995, and their objective is to help the unfortunate Labradors who, for any reason, given up by their owners. In 2012, they rehomed over 500 Labradors and the number of Labradors has been rising since then. They have established many puppy farm and puppy selling outlets that sell to anyone who is ready to pay cash for a pup. And we also take our pups back when their owners lose interest or give up on them for any reason. Labradors Rescue has the proper kennel facility for dogs, and they have been increasing the number of kennels so that the dogs could be housed and cared for to a high standard as long as they find their new home.

Labrador Rescue Info:

Location: North West Email: [email protected] Phone: 01257 452500 (Available 10am – 10pm)

Website: Labrador Rescue North West

3. Labrador Rescue South East & Central

Labrador Rescue South East and Central is a reliable and registered charity that has cared for and rehomed Labradors since 1996. They give assistance and continuous help to every single new Adoptee and existing Labrador owner. They have a proper group of devoted, hardworking volunteers if you are giving up your Labrador, will schedule a visit to your dog and understand its need and have a whole discussion about the characteristics it has. And if you want to adopt one they team will guide you about the qualities and the likes and dislikes or whether it suits your family or not. And if the new home does not workout Labrador Rescue South East and Central take their dog back happily you don’t need to worry about that. So if you are willing to adopt a Labrador Retriever, Contact them for more details.

Labrador Rescue UK Info:

Location: South East & Central UK Registered Charity No: 1059122

Website: Labrador Rescue South East & Central

4. The Labrador Rescue Trust

The Labrador Rescue Trust was initially formed by the end of 1988 by various Labrador devotees who care profoundly about the breed’s welfare. The association was at first known as Labrador Rescue (South West) and was conceded charitable status in February 1993. The Labrador Rescue Trust was situated in the South West of England, but the Charity Commission granted the charity a National Status they rescue Labradors who need help from any part of the United Kingdom. Other than that, they currently have more than fifty volunteers from Cornwall, Devon, Somerset, Dorset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, portions of the Forest of Dean, Bristol, and Bath the adjoining portions of Berkshire, Hampshire and Oxfordshire.

Labrador Rescue Info:

Location: South West of England Email:[email protected] Phone: 07791 519084 Registered Charity No: 1088198

Website: The Labrador Rescue Trust

5. The Labrador Lifeline Trust

The Labrador Lifeline Trust is a Labrador Rescue Charity devoted to saving, rehoming and helping Labradors. They have been in this field for 26 years now. For your information, they cover the area of Hampshire, Lincolnshire, Berkshire, Surrey. Their aim is to rescue and rehome undesirable, abused and abandoned Labradors regardless of their age or sickness. They have dogs of any age coming into us constantly and they must consider matching dogs to home and homes to dogs which makes them prominent among all. During this Covid pandemic, there were many requests to shelter dogs so that they have to set up another framework for abandoned Labradors. If you want to visit and check their website. There could be something you think maybe for you. They also have the details for each of the rescued dog, contain the relevant information if you wish to adopt a Labrador, kindly submit a request to their website or visit them for more info.

Labrador Rescue Info:

Location: South West of England Email: [email protected] Phone: 01256 884027 Registered Charity No: 1076061

Website: The Labrador Lifeline Trust

6. Dogs Trust: Dogs Rehoming & Dog Rescue Charity

Labrador Rescue UK Info: Location: 17 Wakley Street, London, EC1V 7RQ Email: [email protected] Phone: 020 7837 0006

Website: Dogs Trust

7. Labrador Rescue Kent

Labrador Rescue Kent is essentially a charity devoted to caring, fostering, and rehoming Labradors battling to discover their permanent place to live. According to them Labradors are their obsession and they have set up this charity out of their immense love for the breed, the point of rehoming Labradors is that the dogs who are unfortunate and no longer be looked after by their owners deserve to live a happy and peaceful life. So regardless of whether you wish to provide a home or are searching for a permanent spot for your Labrador they can help. They guarantee you that the right dog is coordinated with the right home.

Labrador Rescue Info: Location: 1 Wheatfield Close Cranbrook, Kent TN17 3NA

Email: [email protected] Phone: 01580 720408 Registered Charity No: 1067495

Website: Labrador Rescue Kent

8. Labrador Rescue Scotland

Labrador Retriever Rescue Scotland is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organization and also approved by the kennel club. The Trustees are volunteers devoted to the Labrador Retriever’s government assistance and cover all of Scotland and the North of England. This Rescue aims to protect, rehabilitate and rehome Labrador Retrievers and promote pet ownership. The Rescue additionally trains and supports owners to tackle the new pet. Labrador Retriever has been the most famous breed of dog in the UK. Since then, there has been a steadily expanding number of Labradors who need homes. The Labrador Retriever is an adoring, faithful dog who makes an awesome pet. Many individuals buy Labradors not understanding their day by day needs for exercise and human cooperation. Therefore, Labrador Rescue, as an Organization understand the need of matchmaking every individual Labrador to the ideal owner. If you intend to adopt a Labrador do consider Labrador Rescue Scotland and make a call or visit their website for heading up the further procedure.

Labrador Rescue Info:

Location: Scotland Email: [email protected] Phone: 07845 010 031 Registered Charity No: SCO42724

Website: Labrador Rescue Scotland

9. Labrador Welfare

Labrador Welfare is a breed-specific charity run altogether by volunteers who are extremely committed to the cause of saving and rehoming Labrador Retrievers that are unfortunate and having a miserable life but ready to be taken to a new home. They are a small charitable organization who has been running through the supports of the volunteers and fundraisers that make us continue our work to help dogs and find them new homes. They help dogs from North Derbyshire, parts of Cheshire, North Lincolnshire, North Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire and the North East and will commonly just rehome around there. They are really focused on the health of the dogs which are evaluated by experienced staff acquainted with the breed before our Rehoming Team begins work on discovering each dog another home. They believe the right match between the dogs and the owner and know exactly how to deal with it.

Labrador Rescue UK Info:

Location: 2 Tapton Crescent Road,Sheffield Email: [email protected] Phone: 0114 266 1756 Registered Charity No: 1012192

Website: Labrador Welfare

What is the Cost to Adopt a Labrador Retriever in UK?

Adopting a dog is one of the most rewarding things you’ll ever do. But, if you’re thinking about adopting a Labrador Retriever, there are some costs that come with it. The price range to adopt a Labrador Retriever from DRA ranges from £250 through to £600 depending on their age, location and circumstances. Some organizations also charge an adoption fee which can range from £15-£200+.

Rescue Dog Or Puppy?

You might be wondering if you should adopt a rescue dog or buy a puppy. Some people say that the best thing to do is to adopt an older dog, but others will say that it’s better to start with a pup. We’re going to discuss both options and let you know what some of the pros and cons are for each one so that you can make a good decision for yourself.

Puppies: No one can deny that raising a puppy is not an easy task, just like raising children. The thing about getting a puppy is that they’re not easy to train because they’re still young.

Puppies also require much hard work than adult dogs and can’t be left alone for long periods of time without needing any care. However, puppies need lots of attention and socialization when they first come home so it’s important to take the time with them so they grow up well adjusted.

Rescue Dogs: The best thing about rescue dogs is that you’re helping out your favorite furry friends by giving them a second chance at life. Many rescue dogs come with basic training so you don’t have to spend more time on training.

How to Choose Reputable Labrador Retriever Rescue Centre in UK?

A majority of the largest dog rescue charities in the UK offer excellent service. It simply depends on your personal preference which one you choose. Some of the biggest animal welfare charities are listed here such as the RSPCA, The Dog’s Trust, Battersea, and The Blue Cross. Here are some tips when it comes to finding a reputable Labrador Retriever rescue center in UK.

Research: Do some research online and ask other people in the area about their experience with different rescues. This will give you an idea of what kind of services they provide and how responsive they are when contacted.

Reviews: Check out reviews before making any donations or signing agreements with them – even if they seem like the perfect match! Rescues often go through financial hardships so be sure to check their website often to see if there has been any change in contact information or hours of operation.

Vaccinations: Make sure you check the vaccinations of any dog before rehoming them, and if they will not be vaccinated it’s best to find another shelter.

Dogs Safe For Rehoming: Rescue dogs are amazing, but they come with some challenges. It can be hard to find a good re-homing center that tests the temperament of their animals before letting them go into homes or foster care.

Reputable centers work hard to ensure that all of the prospective pets they receive have been temperament tested before adoption, providing you with detailed information about each dog as to how it will affect your home environment if you adopt them in as well as any specific requirements needed from owners who adopt these dogs.

Home Checking: All reputable rescue centers will perform a home check before they let you take on any dog. This is because it’s important to make sure your place of residence can accommodate the dog you want to adopt that may be living there. Most rescue centers will expect potential adopters like you who live inside with at least one securely enclosed outdoor area where pets can play without running off too far every day.

Consultation & Support: Some of the best re-homing centers will offer you advice and support throughout your pet adoption process. If you don’t have any experience with adopting dogs, for example – then when taking on a new furry friend home there are certain things that might go wrong in which case you may get any types of help you need.

Thing you should Know When Choosing a Rescue Dog:

If you’re thinking about adopting a rescue dog like Labrador Retriever, there are quite a few aspects that need to be considered. The difference between buying a puppy and adopting one is different, so before jumping into anything make sure before that, you should be fully prepared and research the rescue center from which you want to adopt your new dog. Don’t forget – adoptions don’t come without commitment they take time and patience as well as financial resources, but if all these things fit your needs- adopt today! The dogs rescued from shelters are generally older and have dealt with a lot in their lives. You’ll have to be a little more patient, loving, and understanding with them if they struggle. Being prepared for any situation is the most effective way to make sure that you are able to handle it effectively. The most important thing is that you should know that most rescue dogs have been mistreated by their previous owners. They might be come from puppy mills where they were mistreated or not properly cared. It is possible that they came from homes where there are too many animals and they are not being properly cared for which they need It’s not easy being adopted. Some dogs have been abused or neglected by their former owners, but luckily there are caring people out there to save them! These dogs may be angry with humans at first because they’ve had a hard time in the past.

Don’t be deterred by these doodle dogs’ sad pasts, but over time, when you give lots of love and attention to these beautiful dogs. You will become their favorite person and they’ll learn to trust humans again – but it doesn’t happen right away!

Do you Recommend Any Good Labrador Retriever Rescues in UK?

If you know any great Labrador Retriever rescues ceneters in UK, please let us know in the comments below. So we can add it to our list. What is the Rescue Name? Where are they located in UK? It really helps others who are looking to adopt a Labrador Retriever puppies in UK.

Conclusion for Labrador Retriever Rescues in UK

Hope you Like this post, so these are the best Labrador Retriever Rescues in UK that we have added to our list. and we believe there are many but we will thoroughly review and close check the rescues centers before adding it to our list. If you’re a friend and relative looking for a good rescues in UK, you can share this post with them.Which will help them a lot.

Before adopting a Labrador Retriever in the UK, watch the video below “How to Care for a Labrador Retriever puppy”.

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