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Best Black Goldendoodle Breed Guide

Best Black Goldendoodle Breed Guide


Golden Doodles are one of the most popular dogs in the world of designer breed. They are delicate, combining the best features of poodles and the Golden Retriever into one warm, fuzzy package. They are intelligent, elegant and playful, which is becoming more and more popular with families looking for family-friendly heart dogs. If you were given the option to become the owner of the Golden Doodle, what coat color would you go for? When it comes to golden doodles, the first thing that comes to in mind is that these dogs should be colorful. People literally took the ingredient of Golden Doodles, and they thought the variation of these amazing canines should be gold and cream. In contrast, there are also comes in black Colors .

The Black Goldendoodle is a cross of Pure Golden Retriever and Standard Poodle. They are the best in the world in terms of vision, personality, and intelligence.

Are you decide to buy or adopt a Black Goldendoodle puppy, we have prepared this complete guide that covers everything about these Black mutt. This guide contains Black Goldendoodle traits, temperament and behavior, grooming and maintenance needs, health-related issues, prices and much more. So Without further ado let’s get Started.

The Black Goldendoodle is cross breed between the two most famous breed.The Golden Retriever and the Standard Poodle.

The Golden Retriever and the Standard poodle are the best dogs in the world. in the terms of their vision, personality, and intelligence.

Black Goldendoodle inherits all their parents breed qualities which make them a good designer dog breed. Their hypoallergenic coat gives an extra worth from this black mutt. All the right boxes are ticking in the Black GoldenDoodle if you are looking for a good dog breed.

Where the Black Color Comes From

Although we know that the Golden Retriever comes only in gold and cream coat variations, poodles come in a variety of colors, including black. This indicates that the color of the black coat is mainly from the poodle side. What’s more, variations of color such as dark brown or chocolate, gray or silver are also common in poodles. Therefore, when you see a black, gray or dark brown golden doodle, you are more likely to poodle than a golden retriever. You should also note that you can find gray goldendoodles. Well, these are still black Goldendoodles. Sometimes the doodle of black coat turns gray when they are fully grown.

Finally, you can see black and white goldendoodles or black Goldendoodles with white markings. Like the color of the black coat, the white markings come from the poodle side of the family. So let’s take a brief intro about their parent breeds:


The poodle is a frilly lapdog more a kind to a big hair drag doll than a proper companion. The standard poodle was first bred as a water retriever most likely in Germany. they originally bred as a working dog. poodles coat comes in a variety of colors which include gray, white, apricot and black. Poodle Known for its Highly intelligent and trainable qualities. Many people still think of the poodle as a pampered pad or a prissy show dog.

Goldern Retriever:

The Golden Retriever is considered one of the most well-known dog breeds in the world. This breed is known for its friendly nature, their energetic and loyality attitude makes them great family companions. They respond well for kids and other pets. and his intelligence makes him a very effective dog.

Black Goldendoodle Temperament & Personality:

They are patient, gentle and very loyal. However, they can also be naughty sometime, but with proper training you can handle it easily. These are excellent family pets and can make excellent service dogs with their training skills. This amazing dog will happily follow you everywhere with a smile. You should be warned, do not expect your Black Golden Doodle to become a watchdog because they are not fit for that job. Their friendly nature extends to strangers as well, and if you have an intruder in your home, he or she will be greeted with many kisses. Everyone is friends with the black Goldendoodle.

In your Black doodle, you don’t have to worry about the Golden Retriever mix becoming aggressive at any time. They are very active dogs and love to play, walk, climb and swim.

Coat Types:

The coat is Depending on which traits are more dominant the most in your doodle, the Black Goldendoodle comes in a variety of coats. Each type of coat has its own grooming needs and each has its own unique look. However, one thing keep in mind that if the Goldendoodles are at puppies age, it can be hard to check which coat is on them.

Straight Coat:

The straight coat, despite the very lanky look, is much rarer than the curly or shaggy versions. Black Goldendoodles get this coat, mainly if they have the Golden Retriever genes. They do not have the famous teddy bear looks other coat types but they have very little fur care. Golden056.doodles with this coat usually require weekly brushing.

Shaggy/Wavy Coat:

The shaggy coat is recognized to be the most common coat in Black Goldendoodle. This coat is easy to maintain. They need weekly brushing and shedding is basically non-existent in this coat.

Curly Coat:

This type of coat has curl features. Each roll varies in tightness and length depending on its species. You can get anything you want, from a loose barrel roll to a pure standard poodle. This type of coat needs to be brushed every day so you can not get matting. However, if you do not have time, you can always cut the fur shorter. However, they do not always shed.

Black Goldendoodle generations:

These pooches have different ratios of poodle and golden retriever genes. This affects the size and shape of the dog you get.The Most Common Genrations among the Goldenbdoodle is F1B generation, which is 75% Poodle and 25% Golden Retriever. Breeders can achieve this generation by crossing golden poo and poodles. They are very hypoallergenic Black Poodle and Golden Retriever blends. You can also get some other variants of the F1 variant like 50% Poodle and 50% Golden Retriever. A summary of these variations is below: • Purebred A Cross Purebred B = F1 Black Goldendoodle • F1 Goldendoodle Cross Purebred-A = F1b Groodle • F1 goldenpoo Cross F1 Goldenpoo = F2 Poodle Golden Retriever mix • F1b Goldendoodle Cross F1 Goldendoodle = F2b Goldendoodle

• F2 Cross with F2 = F3 Hybrid Dog


Training of black doodle is very easy because this breed is very easy to train and eager to please their owners, that’s why you don’t work hard for this. You have faced no problem getting the training of Black poodle mix because of their intelligence. That is why we often choose to help them as service dogs and it is appropriate to call this dog the ideal dog for first-time dog owners. Reward-based training and positive reinforcement are the best way to turn around.

Never use punishment as a method of training because it will never end. It makes them anxious and aggressive while trying to protect themselves.

Grooming requirements:

The Grooming requirements depends on the type of coat, he is going to inherit from his parents. However, all coat types require regular brushing, but if he inherits a poodle coat, he will need daily brushing. The coat needs trim or a good haircut every 9 to 12 weeks as the puppy grows. If your Black doodle love to swim, check its ear and clean it regularly. Check for any symptoms of infection.

Brush the dog’s teeth and trim their claws as long as possible. Groomer is best suited to help you. Brushing a dog’s teeth is important because it controls the risk of periodontal diseases in dogs.

Black Goldendoodle Size:

The size of a Black Goldendoodle is vary from puppy to puppy, and it’s mostly dependent on which lineage is more dominant in your doodle. They Comes in three variants which are given Below:

  • Mini Black Goldendoodles
  • Medium Black doodles
  • Large Black Goldendoodles

The mini black doodle is 13 to 20 inches tall and weighs 15 to 30 lbs. In a standard black doodle,the height is 17 to 20 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs upto 40 to 50 lbs. like the giant teddy bear, it is often referred to as the Big Black Goldendoodle. It is 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs upto 45 to 100 lbs.

The size of the Black Goldendoodle is largely depends on the size of the poodle which is used for breeding.

Health issues:

As we know that, Goldendoodle prone to some diseases. The same problems also happen for black Goldendoodle. The Most Common Health issues for black Goldendoodle are given below:

Hip Dysplasia: its common in large black golden doodles, but in severe cases, it can be treated with medication and surgery.

Patellar luxation: The knee fails to form properly, making the dog bend the knee. Like hip dysplasia, this condition can also be treated with medicine or surgery.

Eye conditions: including progressive retinal degeneration (PRA) and cataract. If you notice any problem with your dog, take your dog for an eye-checkups.

Black Goldendoodle Price:

The price of black goldendoodles is vary from breeder to breeder. its also depends on many factors such as coat type, dog size, Breeders, quality of the parents, vet care, location, and generations. Because Black goldendoodles are rare & high in demand, you can expect to pay between $ 1500 to $ 2000.

Family Compatibility:

There are plenty of people who love this black mutt, and their wish to spend her life with that beautiful pouch. They interact well with all kinds of people in family members and out of the family. This is especially true for black mutt. that they do not harm children, but you should still monitor their activity.

When you get a Black Goldendoodle, it’s easy for you to train and you’ll get a dog who loves to impress its owners and make a good family companion.

Conclusion For Black Goldendoodle Guide:

Hope You Liked this post, Now that you know All things about Black Golden Doodles, So you Should question Yourself Does this breed is right for you? if you are ready to take the responsibility to fulfill the basic needs of this Black Goldendoodle which include exercise, grooming, diet, and proper training, and all the things that he needs. So this is a perfect dog breed for you.


1. Are Black Gldendoodles rare?

Unlike other light-colored coats, they are not what most buyers want. The main cause of the black coat is also genetic. These factors make Black Golden Doodles exceptional. So it would be fair to say black golden doodles are uncommon rather than rare.

2. Do Black Goldendoodles stay black?

Yes, if your Black golden doodle come from the pure lineage so it will never change its color.

3. How much do Black Goldendoodles cost?

The cost of black goldendoodles depends on many factors such as coat type, dog size, quality of breeders, vet care, maintainance, genetic testing, and generations. Because black goldendoodles are rare & high in demand, so you can expect to pay between $ 1500 to $ 2000 for this mutt.

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