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Best Bernedoodle Breeders in USA Top 6 Picks

Best Bernedoodle Breeders in USA Top 6 Picks

Bernedoodle first successful breed appeared in 2003 when the Bernese Mountain dog cross with a poodle. Bernedoodle is considered among the most favorite dogs in USA. People have been liking these Breed features as compared to other healthy dogs. Bernedoodle gets excellent qualities from her parent’s breed, but they also have the unique feature of a hypoallergenic coat, People who suffer from allergies are love more to them because this dog is the perfect one for them. Prior to this, people did not like the allergic fur of these dogs and never wanted to bring them into a family home.

Many People Love to getting a Bernedoodle dog. due to their hypoallergenic coat, Especially those people, who are suffering from dog’s hair and dander. But Sherry Rupke helps those people who are suffering from allergies with help of the poodle and Bernese Mountain dog they produce this amazing dog breed. Bernedoodle is not only a hypoallergenic feature but they also inherited goofiness, socio-friendly behavior, and intelligence from both the parent breeds.

These dogs are more attractive and amazing because of their adorable look and friendly behavior. They come in a variety of sizes, which is easy for people to choose according to their needs. As their demand is increasing day by day, many breeders are trying to breed and display these special dogs worldwide.

Sometimes people are in a hurry to buy Bernedoodle without knowing anything about this breed. So, do not rush! Do your research before buying anything. Let’s look at the list of Bernedoodle Breeders in USA.

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How to Find Bernedoodle Breeders in USA

If you have been buying a Bernedoodle in the USA but you did not find any reputable breeders so don’t make panic, in this post I will share with you some best Bernedoodle breeders in the USA which will help you a lot. In many cases, you can find a Bernedoodle breeder who can meet you at the local airport or deliver your puppy safely for an additional cost.

To help you get started with your research on finding the right Bernedoodle breeder, we have created a list of the best Bernedoodle breeders in the United States listed in the Bernedoodle Registry. You will also find contact information if you want to know more.

1. Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles (USA)

The Rocky Mountain Bernedoodles is located in Southwestern Colorado is linked with the United Bernedoodle Registry which endorsement health checks on all their breeds. They provide a quality family breed for over 2 decades. They strive to cross a different poodle puppy and in result to get a beautiful and good temperament dogs for you. As they do not air cargo because they care a lot about the feed and potty time of the puppy but provide a lot of ways for you to receive your puppy. They provide alternate transport delivery option anywhere in all over the U.S but cost additional charges. In addition, they provide a vaccinated baby and run a good operation. You can find a lot of positive reviews online that attracts you to trust this breeder. Most of their Bernedoodles puppies in Colorado are tricolored, you’ll also see bi-colored Bernedoodles and sometimes you find different patterns on them. You fall in love with their Bernedoodles in the first sight, after visit their website. If You want to know more about the breeder you can also follow them on Facebook, Instagram to get more information of Bernedoodle puppies.

Bernedoodle Breeder Info:

Location: Montrose, Colorado United States Email: [email protected] Phone: 970-240-5995


2. Highfalutin Furry Babies (USA)

Highfalutin Furry Babies is a boutique breeder in Florida raising their cute Bernedoodle puppies in Eustace, Florida. They are busy, and there is also an open time for people who watch or visit their puppies and adult dogs. The best point to contact is via email.

This breeder uses the best breeding methods to breed cute Bernedoodle puppies in Florida. Their puppies are known as happy family pets and treatment and service dogs. In Florida, They are knowing as a reputable Bernedoodle breeder because they are a part of the UBR (United Bernedoodle Registry).

They only raise Bernedoodle, which means they can only focus on this breed and provide you the best results.

Bernedoodle Breeder Info:

Location: Lake Mary, FL 32746 Email: [email protected]


Facebook: @HighfalutinFurryBabies

3. Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles (USA)

Summerfield Mini Bernedoodles is a breeder which is located in Summerfield, Florida. Their Mini Bernedoodle puppies are well known and have a high rating. For 13 years they have completed F1 Mini Bernedoodles breeding and breeding training. They work very hard to deliver high-quality dogs and also try to estimate the coat and size of their puppies. All their puppies are part of their family from their birth. Loves them and stays home with the pet family. The goal is to raise the best family pets you love in the years to come. Their mini Bernedoodle puppies have minimal shedding and always have an easy and attentive personality.

You can find many positive reviews on their website and on their Facebook page. It is one of the best mini Bernedoodles breeders in Florida.

Bernedoodle Breeder USA Info:

Location: Summerfield, FL Email: [email protected] Email: [email protected] Phone: 765-863-1838


Facebook: Summerfieldminibernedoodles

4. HC Bernedoodle Breeder (USA)

HC Bernedoodle is one of the most famous Bernedoodle Breeders. They are committed to raising healthy Berendoodle Puppies in New Jersey and making families happy with their new bernedoodle family member. They follow the high-quality standard breeding process. This Breeder has vast experience in breeding and knows very well about all the tactics of breeding. They follow the high That’s why all their puppies are healthy, adorable, and well socialized. The great thing about HC Bernedoodles is that they have high-quality Bernedoodle puppies in New Jersey. If you want to buy a Bernedoodle puppy from this breeder you must have to pay a $400 deposit fund (which is not refundable) and they only accept PayPal for payment gateway. Below we share the contact details of this breeder. If you want to know more about the breeder, You can visit their website that contains all of the information about their Puppies including photos, litter dates, and many more.

Bernedoodle Breeder Info:

Location: HC Bernedoodles 646 NW Hwy 190 Trenton, MO 64683 Email: [email protected] Phone: 660-663-5221

Website: HC Bernedoodles

5. Sawmill Station Doodles (USA)

Sawmill Station Doodles are small family Bernedoodle breeders that breed and raise their puppies on a small horse farm which offers the best ecosystem to making friends their Bernedoodle puppies. They offer a 2-year health promise by their puppies, and also lifetime care. Sawmill Station Doodles, has top -quality Dams and Sires imported from Europe. Shana and David are the passionate breeders which breed their dog’s accordance with standards. When you are seeking for a Bernedoodle breeder in Texas, they are one of the best picks for you.

Bernedoodle Breeder Info:

Location: Texas Email: [email protected] Phone: 281-881-8687

Website: Sawmill Station Doodles

Facebook: Sawmill Station Doodles Facebook

6. Utah Bernedoodles (USA)

Utah Bernedoodle is the reputable Bernedoodle breeder located in Penrose, Utah. Their main aim is to have a colourful, healthy, peaceful, and well-mannered Bernedoodle dog. They primarily focus on trio colours like sable, merle, and phantom. They also provide you Top quality Bernedoodles Standard Bernedoodles, Mini Bernedoodles, and Tiny Bernedoodle puppies. Furthermore, they are working on Australian Bernedoodles. According to that, the Australian Bernedoodle will be included in the 2021 programmes. All puppies come with a 2-year health guarantee and lifetime support that you can count on. All puppies go to their new home with the following thing: the first set of shots, a Familiar Toy, a Small bag of food, and a Blanket with mother’s scent. So that they can start their new journey comfortably in their new home. You will also find a lot of helpful guides about the Bernedoodle puppy on their site which will be very useful for you. Below we have given the details of this breeder so that you can contact them

Bernedoodle Breeder USA Info:

Location: 12570 W 8040 N, Penrose, UT 84337 Email: [email protected] Phone:435-744-9036


Do You Recommend any Good Bernedoodle Breeder in USA

If you know any great Bernedoodle breeder who lives in the USA, please let us know in the comments below. So we can add it to our list. What is the Breeder Name? Where are they located in USA?

It really helps others who are looking for a Mini Bernedoodle Puppies in USA. if they can read honest reviews from buyers like yourself.

Conclusion For Bernedoodle Breeders in USA

I hope you like this article, and if this article is helpful for you. so share with your friends who want to find a good reputable Bernedoodle Breeders in USA, and all the relative who wants to find a good breeders in USA. and keep supporting for more articles.

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